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Climate in Puerto Viejo

This region, that encompasses the Caribbean and Northern slopes, present temperatures according to the altitude. The whole region is directly exposed to the north easterly trade winds, which are fully loaded with the humidity of the Caribbean Ocean. Part of this humidity precipitates in the coasts and plains, but the major rainfall occurs in the slopes of the range of mountains due to the topographic effect.

This kind of rainfall is due to the winds, that are being forced to climb because of the mountains, they lose temperature slowly and create the condensation and the subsequent rainfall.

This rainfall regime will decrease during 2 periods of the year, mid January-May and mid August-November, because of modifications produced in the trade winds by the relative position of the sun. Nevertheless, in these zones there is no defined dry season.

The highest rainfall occurs in the mountains, particularly between 1000 and 2000 meters ( 3000 and 6000 feet ) of altitude, with major precipitations of 5000 mm ( 200 inches ). The highest amounts of rainfall have been registered in the cuenca of the Reventazon River, where 8000 mm ( 320 inches ) fall yearly, and more at other sites. At altitudes higher than 2000 m ( 6000 feet ) the rainfall tends to decrease

Storms in the Atlantic, they correspond to a variable period ( up to 15 days ) in which rain and drizzle predominate that could last all day and night. They occur mainly during the winter and in the north plains of Costa Rica's Caribbean coast.


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